Temporary Vagabonds

September 2010 Activity


This list is a temporary work around for the net controllers. It may be slightly out dated on any given day, but soon the controllers, themselves, will be able to help update it such that it is always up-to-date.

Vagabond # Call Sign Name City First Checkin Num of Checkins Last Check in Date Lookup Disposition
920 KJ4RNK Ken Salisbury 08/25/10 5 9/6/10 More info Pledged by Bryce on 9/6/2010 - #554
921 KF4TLK Gary Statesville 09/07/10 5 9/27/10 More info Pledged by Bryce on 9/27/2010 - #555
922 KF4HHG Tim Winston-Salem 09/11/10 2 9/13/10 More info
923 2E1DNH John Brighton, England 09/17/10 3 9/27/10 More info
924 KG4QAB David Pinnacle, NC 09/27/10 1 9/27/10 More info

Next Temporary Number to be assigned: 925

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