> Vagabond Amateur Radio Club
Home of the Vagabond Rag Chewer's Net

Monday thru Friday from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM on 145.470, 100 Hz tone.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Please come join us!

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Net check in procedures

Please follow this procedure when checking into the Vagabond Net.
  1. Wait until the controller ASKS for check ins
  2. When invited to check in, give the controller's call sign and unkey. Wait until the repeater squelch tail drops.
  3. If you don't hear anyone else talking, re-key and give your Vagabond #, your call sign, you name, and your location in that order
  4. Wait until you are called upon by the net controller.
  5. When you finish your transmission, be sure to clear with your call sign.
Ham Keying

Management Note
Thanks to the generosity of site creator, Dick Watson, KF4AWN,
this site is currently being managed by John Ghormley, KJ4UFG.
Due to health issues, Dick is unable to continue maintaining it for a while.
Therefore, John, KJ4UFG, will be doing so for an indefinite period.
Please be patient while things are being brought up to date on the site. Thanks.

Vagabond members, please check the members and net operators roster
and e-mail me with additions or corrections at john@johnghormley.com

I, _new member name__call sign__ , do pledge...that as a Vagabond...
whether I travel hither and yon ...or to and fro... from place to place ...
either on the airways or on the by-ways ....I will always be moving
In the right direction.



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