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Mike Manning - KF4EOD


Mike became interested in the radio art over 34 years ago, after
beginning operations on 11 meters. He also developed a keen
understanding and appreciation of weather phenomenon and the
collection of data, recording temperatures daily since 1958. On
October 26, 1995 he brought these two interests together when he
earned his Technician Class Amateur Radio Operator's licence,
KF4EOD. Since then, Mike has made numerous contributions to
the hobby and service, as well as proving to be a great friend.

Mike operates primarily on 2 meters and 70 cms, and can usually be
found on either 147.315(-)(100 hz), 146.79(-)(107.2 hz), or 145.47(-)(100 hz).
Mike serves the amateur radio community as Net Coordinator and
Thursdays Net Control for the Vagabond Rag Chewers Net, found
weekdays from 2-3:30 pm on the 147.315 Saurtown Mountain repeater.

Mike also serves as weather liason for the Stokes County Mountain
Rescue. Another interest, computers, naturally allows him access to
online, real time data, thus enabling him to provide information to
the field regarding approaching weather events.

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