First off, let me say hi to my fiance Irene.  Irene and I have been dating since late March 2005; we met online in December 2004.  She is a fellow scanner geek, but we have MUCH more in common than that..

I like a wide variety of music--classical to rap. Some of my favorite artists are Boyz II Men, Josh Groban,  Lonestar, Cusco and Yanni. I enjoy watching almost anything from comedy to drama on TV or at the movies. My favorite TV show of all time is Friends.  I also enjoy shows like The Family Guy, Futurama, ER, and CSI.  Some of my favorite movies include Crimson Tide, Office Space, and Titanic

I'm 5'6", around 150, with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm kind and caring and compassionate--I have a heart of gold--and will do my best to make any woman happy. ;)

I am well-versed in Windows and PCs in general. I have an eMachines eTower 400i3, and it's really cool and I really enjoy it. It is the main computer I use for my personal projects and my studies, as well as general work, and for surfing the Web. It is a nice system and is a very good machine.  I also have a server in my closet running Linux.   It is home to my IRLP node, as well as hosts my personal domain . (

I am also an avid fan of the Macintosh computer system, and used to be good at troubleshooting the Mac. I own a Mac Classic--1990 technology.   This was my first 'real' computer, and the one I used when I was working as a Graphic Artist for the City of Moreno Valley back in 1996-97.  Unfortunately, I haven't used it in since 1999, and it's currently in storage. 

Other than work, school, radios, and computers, there's not much else to my life...unless you include all my wonderful friends Ashley, Kimber, Jenn, Jennie, Lindsey, Scott, and Jeanne.