I moved back to Hemet in January 2006, after having lived in Moreno Valley since August, 2002.  I previously lived in Hemet starting in November 1998.  

Prior to that, I lived in San Jacinto, CA, starting in May 1998. Before moving to San Jacinto, I lived in Boise, Idaho from January 1998 to May 1998, and before my short stay in Idaho, I lived in Moreno Valley, California for 10 years (1987-1997).   Prior to moving to "MoVal", I lived in Beaumont, CA from early 1977 until October 1987.

I am a 1992 graduate of Moreno Valley High School.  I am originally from Natick, MA, (born May 1974); we moved to CA in January 1977--unfortunately, I don't have many memories of MA, and consider myself a California native.

View photos of my 10-year Reunion, held September 21, 2002 in Palm Desert, CA
(photos courtesy of Jimmy Battle)

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