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This site is dedicated to the sole purpose of furthering a continued interest in amateur radio. In particular, the home construction of antennas, furthering education in electronics and to provide resources for experimenting and HB (Home Brew) kit building and electronic design. Of particular interest for me are QRP CW field operations and the construction of wire antennas, QRP Tranceiver kit building and amateur satellite operations.

Educational Links

Antennas And Technicals R.L. Cebik W4RNL

In addition to a host of antennas I particularly liked the ideas and designs for "NO-TUNER" antenna matching. Perfect for single band field QRP operation. But there are also multi-band designs as well.

Electronic Learning Tutorials VK2TIP Ian Purdie

Electronics tutorial radio design pages for amateur, ham radio, electronic project enthusiasts as well as for the electronic hobbyist and for home learning to design your own electronic projects.

Online Code Course Dr. Chuck Adams K7QO's

From beginning to receive to QRQ (Send Faster).

HAM EXAM Stephen McClaran KK5QE

Amateur Radio Practice Exams including list of question pools.

WinSpice3 Copyright (C) 1999 Mike Smith. All rights reserved.

A free Spice3F4 Port for Windows 95 & Windows NT.

Electronic Construction from A to Z Marshall G. Emm N1FN/VK5FN

"Everything you wanted to know about building stuff but were afraid to ask."

[This series was originally published in "73 Amateur Radio" between November 1997 and February 1998]

Electronics Formulas The Equations page - Getting to grips with Friendly...

© Department of Physics, University of Guelph
University of Guelph Physics Department Electronics Tutorials


Amateur Satellite Operation
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