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EN50hd - Lincoln Illinois…

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Having been a ham for over 30 years, I have had periods of high activity and periods of time off. Like many hams, as family, education and job responsibilities come and go, so does extra time to play radio. I am very happy to at a point in life where I can begin to building a new station and get back on the air. I have recently finished building a U-shaped desk for my shack and home office with lots of room for expansion. I am in the process of planning a tower install as well as trying to get my Alpha Delta DX-CC antenna up in the air before it gets too cold.

I am also in the process of studying for my Extra class license, so wish me luck!

For those of you that I have had QSO's with, I am please to anounce that I am almost done convering my paper logs over to electronic logs and should have those uploaded to LOTW, eQSL, etc.

Currently I have a meager station consisting of an old FT-890 HF radio with an USB Interface III installed for rig control and logging as well as a sweet Yaesu FT-625RD all mode 6M radio.

Previous Calls I held:
KA9LZF (novice)
N9DXY (Tech)
W9JWC (FORMER Trustee of the Bradley Univeristy Radio Club)

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