Thanks for dropping in at Lake Effect ARC!  You are welcome to look around, to check out the events-on-tap list and even request a custom QSO sked.  Membership is free unless a special assessment is imposed. Comes complete with all the usual rights and privileges and are valid thru December, 2046.  All hams, regardless of license class, club affiliation are encouraged to play radio with us whenever you can!

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The Activities Committee hot list for 2020:

Ok. Our hot list got smashed by COVID-19. We're salvaging:

June 27-28 Field Day. Operating 1-Baker from the clubhouse driveway for a few hours.

August 22--23 International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend

Stand by for info on band/ops plans.....

An example from a different event....




Add PropagationStats to your ham radio site.


Radio Blackouts range from R1 (minor) to R5 (severe)

Solar Flux ranges from 50 (low) to 300 (high).  Sustained high values for SF indicates stronger ionization, hence higher MUF.  Values above 150 (sustained) are prime for HF.

K values range from 0 (low) to 9 (high) indicating degree to which propagation will be disturbed / MUF depressed by geomagnetic factors.  Low values are desirable.

Relationship between "K" and "a" Indices

Ap Index Kp Index Comments
0 0 Quiet
4 1 Quiet
7 2 Unsettled
15 3 Unsettled
27 4 Active
48 5 Minor storm
80 6 Major storm
132 7 Severe storm
208 8 Very major storm
400 9 Very major storm