My name is Mike. I was first licensed when I was 11 and upgraded to General ticket shortly afterward.

I started making contacts on HF as soon as I got my upgrade. I made at least one CW contact every day for just over 180 days. Then the tree that my antenna was tied to broke from a heavy snow storm. That ruined my streak. I didn't have the same drive to get on like I did before. I don't get on much anymore. Exceptions to that are when I'm camping, or if there is some special event on the air.

I love CW, and it was fun and challenging to learn. That is one of the best things that resulted from my streak of 180 days of contacts. My code speed got up to where ragchewing was very comfortable at modest speeds (< 20 wpm).

I'm a soccer player (MLS Youth Team - REAL Utah, Olympic Development Team, La Roca Preimer Club), and also enjoy many other sports (Tennis and Snowboarding in particular). The soccer training takes most of my free time.

If you want to talk soccer or snowboarding - or whatever, let's have a sked!

Will be attending Oregon State University starting 2009 and playing on their soccer team.

73 de Mike, KD7UUB

--... ...--

. Here is my CW key. This was a gift from K8RA. He makes great paddles. Mine is the prototype for the P-3. Read more about it (link to this story on my Dad's web page)

I made a series of contacts - at least one-a-day for 180 days. Want to see what REAL dedication is? Check out this link to John's page, K3WWP You will see what he has done using simple wire antennas, low power, and a committment to make at least one contact per day. You will be amazed! I was.

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