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MultiScan 3B v1.9.5 User Guide Now Available.

What's new in v1.9.5

1. Bug Fixes.

2. Now you can enable or disable time and mode stamp for received image in Preferences.

    SSTV  "TimeStamp" checkbox under AutoSave options. Default is off.

    Note that this setting does not change images for FTP upload,

    they are always time/mode stamped..

3. Added Font submenu to Time Stamp contextual menu (in Tx Display),  Now you can

    change time stamp font.

4. Added Image Browser Zoom slider. You can zoom in or out thumbnail images in

    image browser.

5. Added contextual menu to Image Browser.  Right click on the image you will

    have menu options to load image as Main image,  Aux Image

    or Zoom images in browser.


What's new in v1.9.4

1. Bug Fixes.

2. Ability to swap temperature and time display in the header.

3. Added Mouse tracking over transmit view, hover mouse pointer over

    any overlay it will show a white frame and close button in the corner.


What's new in v1.9.3

1. Ability to add custom overlays (up to 4 lines of text).

2. Receive Replay image is separate fro overlays now and can be

    added or removed at any time.

3. Added contextual menu to the transmit header.

4. Reorganized and updated contextual menus for other elements of transmit display.

5. QSO Table is now movable

6. Added Shortcuts to Contextual Menus for Header, CallSign, Replay Image and QSO table.





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