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Above you will see my PSK31 Interface.  It is built inside of a Sucrets box. The circuit is built "Deadbug" style, which is actually very good construction technique. I used a Dremel tool to cut "Islands" or "pads" . I was able to solder the legs and wires to the different parts with little dificulty. I used basically three circuits, I used the two small audio transformers, one is the 600/600 ohm 1:1 transformer, the other is the 1000K/8ohm transformer, I used the 47k mini potentiometers from Radio Shack to vary the audio in/out, the circuit I looked at used 50K potentiometers.  I used the 4N26 opto-isolator circuit to do the keying from the computer of the radio for transmit. I mounted the 4N26 on a piece of perfboard with holes already drilled, I made a couple of legs and soldered the keying section sideways on the ground surface of the main board(it's located in middle on side away from the lid hinge)
 The picture to the left is about a P-4, I transmitted this from camera to computer via 915 mhz ATV.
  This is a layout for the basic circuit I used for the PSK31 interface board. You see the copper section is exact size, the white lines represent the copper that is removed by the dremel creating the "Islands".  The images on top represent the parts layout , this one particular circuit will work with the Radio Shack HTX-202 HT. Reference WWW.PACKETRADIO.COM for the schematics for the three circuits(Keying,Transmit,Receive)  (The connection between the two resistors near the A+ position is the two leads from the resistors twisted and soldered, they are not hooked to the grounded section of the interface).


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