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DARC Looking For New Leadership - The DARC is currently looking for new personnel to run and lead the Club to success!!  If you are interested a position that will aid in getting this club back to where it was before, PLEASE let me know, and I will get you in contact.  We are looking for all enthusiastic HAMS in the DYESS AFB area to participate, and re-vitalize this club.  My email is:  wb4uic at millect dot com
TSgt Thomas Ritter, USAF, Retired
KD5FJM Trustee
Cell:  307-421-3882

The DARC meets last Saturday of each month at the Dyess AFB Clubhouse, 1101 Rapcon Road (By Tye Gate) at 11:00AM. Please Join us!!  Those needing signed into the base meet 15 minutes early at the Main Gate visitors center.  Talk-in on the 146.96 repeater or 146.54 Simplex


15 April 2000 - Amplifier / B&W Antenna repaired!!

Thanks to the 7th Communication Sq Ground Radio shop for repairing our Harris 500 Watt Amp!  It's working great, and we certainly appreciate it!!  The spare B&W 1.8 - 30 Mhz folded dipole has a new balun case of PVC, and is back in operation.  We will install it on the Harris RT-1446 with 500 Watt amp soon.  This should enhance operations greatly!!

1 Feb 2000 - Y2K OPS a Huge Success!

Thanks to all that operated during the 31 Dec 1999 Y2K operation at the DARC Club Station!! We had the VHF net coordinating with the KCARC in Abilene, and the USAF MARS HF nets up and checked in to. We also had direct coordination with the Dyess AFB leadership Via LMR VHF radios donated by the 7th Comm. Sq. All in all, no incidents occurred, but we were prepared to handle them as they came up. Special thanks to Dave, Eric, Denease and Greg for taking time to help set up, and operate the station. THANKS ALL!! Certificates for the operation will be forthcoming from both the Abilene Community and the DARC!! Stay tuned!!

Again, Thanks for a super operation!!

DARC President

15 Dec 1999 - NEW EQUIPMENT!!!

We have just acquired a few new toys!! We have a YEASU FT 1000MP, KAM Plus TNC w/software, and a CUSHCRAFT A4S Beam! Should be a great addition to the shack!! Hopefully, we will have the beam up sometime in 2000. We also have a HUGE Log Periodic and Tower, which we picked up on Dec 10th. (View LPH-1A Gif file here).
We just installed a 3 ele 2M beam at 25', and will be used for Primary VHF in the shack for now. Stay Tuned!!

02 June 1999 - The D.A.R.C. membership is still steadily growing!!  We have a new desk in the shack, and the PACER BOUNCE HF and antenna's are up and operational!!   VHF / HF Packet is almost operational, thanks to Bryan, KC5TYQ, who constructed a cable for the TNC-Pacer Bounce, and Jack Rogers for the use of the PK232MBX. The station should be fully operational with VHF and HF packet by the end of June.   We also have acquired a 133 Mhz Pentium computer for the Packet/Digital and email station. The phone patch line is connected, and ready for use.  We are using a B&W 3.5 - 30 Mhz antenna supported by 2 GRA/4  35' masts next to the shack.  It works GREAT!! The VHF radio is a Radio Shack HTX-212, and has just been purchased for the shack to replace the aging FT-227R. The 201" Fiberglass vertical VHF antenna install is still pending. We are using a mag-mount vertical on the roof for the time being. We have also acquired a ICOM FT-71A receiver as well, and it is in place.


April 2000 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 11:20 AM.  Members present were Wayne and Derrick Floyd, KK5XJ and KC5DBS, Tom Ritter, WB4UIC.  

Treasurers Report:

No Treasurers report, as Treasurer was not present.

Old business Items discussed were 1. QSL Cards.  Members discussed looking into the W4MPY type QSL for now to save funds, and get a card printed now.  Tom WB4UIC looked into the W4MPY card situation, and found that indeed a custom graphic could be added to the card.  This item is still open.  Armed Forces Day operation was discussed.  

New Business discussed.  1.  Club projects were discussed.  Projects for next meeting will be the repair of the G5RV.  Also, the installation of the repaired B&W HF dipole for the RT-1446 Pacer Bounce. 

2.  Derrick brought up the idea of building the Club library with unused reference book that members may have to donate.  All thought it was an excellent idea, so BRING THOSE BOOKS IN!!

3.  Wayne brought up the idea that the Advanced class operators in the club may want to do some VE testing on alternate weekends than the KCARC.  Motion was made to talk to the Abilene KCARC during this weekends HAMFEST on the 6th May 2000, and discuss this option.  Tom, WB4UIC seconded this.

4.  Motion for meeting adjournment was made by Tom, and seconded by Wayne.  Meeting terminated at 12:30.  

5.  Next meeting will be Saturday, 27 May 2000 at 11:00 at the DARC Clubhouse.

Meeting was called to order at 11:20 AM.  Members present were Greg Peters, KC5ZGG, Pete Frame, KC5SKS, Wayne and Derrick Floyd, KK5XJ and KC5DBS.  

Treasurers Report:

Greg, KC5ZGG reported the amount of cash in the bank.

Old business Items discussed were 1. QSL Cards.  Members discussed looking into the base repro function to get cards printed.  Also discussed using a more generic card for now, like from Shell printing or W4MPY type.  More discussion continued, and this item is still open.  Armed Forces Day operation was discussed.  The club continues to prepare for this years cross-band operation in conjunction with the AGA4DY MARS mission.  Portable operation was discussed as a possibility for public visibility of the Club.  Location was discussed, but has not been set as of this date.  This is an open item.

New Business discussed.  1.  Club projects were discussed.  More projects, like antenna building, dipole repair, etc was brought up.  Wayne, KK5XJ, donated a G5RV that needs repair for a club project.  Also, the A4S beam needs to be assembled.  This is an open item.

Motion for meeting conclusion was made by Greg, and seconded by Wayne.  Meeting terminated at 12 Noon.  

Next meeting will be Saturday, 29 April 2000 at 11:00 at the DARC Clubhouse.



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I have been contacted by the W TX ARRL Section Manager, Charlie Royall, WB5T (Ex-USAF).  He is interested in the happening of the club, and would like to put some info into the ARRL publication QST!!  See Oct '99 QST. I have advised him of our status so far, and assured him that as soon as we get some items for the magazine, pictures, etc., that we would submit them!!  Nice to have Charlie interested in the happenings here!!  Thanks Charlie!!
Also, the San Angelo Amateur Radio Club has contacted us, and they have added this page to theirs!!  I have done the same here, and it can be accessed from the "Ham Links" page.  Thanks for the interest!!