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QSL Information

Please remember that the final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL.

One of my favorite things about ham radio is collecting QSL cards from all over the world. Some might find that antiquated these days with LoTW, eQSL, et cetera, but a QSL card is a tangible reminder of the first time I've been able to contact a new country or of a memorable QSO with a fellow ham.

I QSL via the following:

I do not use IRCs since the US Postal Service is no longer issuing them.

SWL reports are welcome! If you'd like a QSL card, please include the date, time, and frequency you heard me as well as the callsign of the other ham in our QSL for verification. No need to send a SASE or postage as I'll send you a QSL card direct.

If you've sent me a QSL card and I've not responded, please let me know!

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