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Welcome to the online home of Sean Dennis KD5COL!  Here you can find out more about my QSL preferences, take a peek at my shack, and learn more about me.  I offer a small selection of amateur radio user and service manuals for download.

If you're looking for my BBS-related stuff, including the SWAG archive, please go to my BBS website at Micronet's website can be found here.

N1YZ maintains a good list of HF nets. You can view that list here on Google Docs.

If you want to try a fun mode, give Feld Hell a try! It has a low duty cycle so it's easy on your radio and amp. You decode the output and not the computer. It's a great ragchewing mode also. I also recommend looking into the Feld Hell Club. It's free to join and I'm a member (#6163).

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