Welcome to KD5BBC's Apartment Shack!

Just to the left of the tree you'll see a bay window ... my shack is on the 2nd floor right above it.
See, I really do live in an apartment!

I know that all radio amateurs are supposed to have lots of big towers that range from 100-200 feet high (or higher if you can afford it), lots of massive beam antennas, and amplifiers on everything cranking out enough ERP to make all of the local commercial stations jealous, and make the lights at the neighborhood nuclear power plant flicker as you pound out 60+wpm Morse Code. At least, that's what I've been led to believe from reading various radio magazines and listening to the guys on 75-meters at night. Okay, I'll admit that being a big dog would make things easier when working DX sometimes. It would be nice to know that all you had to do was walk into the shack, flip a couple of switches to turn everything on, and then be able to over-power everyone else on the band to break a pile-up that has been going on for a couple of hours with just one call. But, hey, what fun would that really be? Trust me, just because you live in an apartment and can't have all the toys the big boys have doesn't mean you can't have a heck of a lot of fun with amateur radio! 

No, I do not claim to be an expert. No, I can not give you the perfect solution for your particular situation. But, perhaps if I tell you my story, the mistakes I've made, and how I now do it, you might get some ideas on how to solve your problems so that you, too, can really have some fun and enjoyment Apartment Hamming!



Last Revision: 13 May 2003

I will be changing a lot in the next few days.  Everything below this point is just in the draft stage, it may not even have anything on the page, or the link might be a dead-end. Please check back in a few days. 

My Journey Begins  

My Shack is Born

Along Came HF

Your Apartment - Your "Tower"

Keep the Natives Happy

If All Else Fails

The Paper Chase

The Kids and Staff at Camp Lackawanna Meet the Gang from Camp Archie Bunker

How NOT to learn "da Code"

How to Improve the Quality of Your Transmitted Audio for FREE

It Takes All Kinds - You're Going to get "Scrooged"

I hope that I have been able to offer some ideas that might enable you to expand your capabilities, and enjoyment, of operating amateur radio from a restricted location. Hope to work you on one of the bands someday!  

  Until then, 73 my friend!

Michael - KD5BBC

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