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In order to see and hear our video announcements, you will need to have Realplayer or any program supporting the RAM or RM audio / Video files installed on your computer. If in doubt just click on the audio link and download it or open it and see if you can hear and see my Video announcment. If you can't hear and see it and you need an audio and video plug in, there are plenty available to download for free. You can access one of these free plug-ins by clicking on their icon. If you already have a proper audio utility or Realplayer installed then just click on the active link below to hear and see my Audio and Video announcement

With our audio interactive website we also offer audio clips from real DX ham radio contacts, and special news bulletins. Please be patient since video may take up to 2 minutes at 56K dial-up to download depending on your internet connection speed.

Click down here on the G2 Realplayer Icon to Download it for free

Roland KD4SAI Ham radio operator and webmaster of this website. Click here to download the free audio/video plugin for your browser.

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