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Kenwood TH-79A:

Product Review of the week By Roland KD4SAI:

I had purchased the Kenwood TH-79A Dualband HT, I bought it from HRO in Woodbridge Virginia. I can say that this is one of the best hand held transcievers that I have ever purchased. I is easy to program and has so many features, I found the online user's manual to be an nice feature. The recieve sensitivity is excellent, the front ent can sure reject adjacent interference at ease. I found that there was very little (birdies) which are carriers from the reciever, alot of dual band hand helds will recieve carriers from the other band that can make you go crazy when you try to recieve another ham radio operator long distance. As far as the modifications go, if you are interested in recieving AIR, Military, Mars, and Government, This hand held can be modified very easily from which I have noticed by the schematics of the radio. The power output does more than what it says it does, and the nice thing about it is it draws very little power, it lasts a long time on a single charge, I had it on over 12 hours and it kept on going.

73's Roland KD4SAI.

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