Obtaining Your Amateur Radio License

97.17 Application for new license grant.

(a) Any qualified person is eligible to apply for a new operator/ primary station, club station or military recreation station license grant. No new license grant will be issued for a RACES station.

(b) Each application for a new amateur service license grant must be filed with the FCC as follows:

    (1) Each candidate for an amateur radio operator license which requires the applicant to pass one or more examination elements must present the administering VEs with all information required by the rules prior to the examination. The VEs may collect all necessary information in any manner of their choosing, including creating their own forms.

    (2) For a new club or military recreation station license grant, each applicant must present all information required by the rules to an amateur radio organization having tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that provides voluntary, uncompensated and unreimbursed services in providing club and military recreation station call signs ("Club Station Call Sign Administrator") who must submit the information to the FCC in an electronic batch file. The Club Station Call Sign Administrator may collect the information required by these rules in any manner of their choosing, including creating their own forms. The Club Station Call Sign Administrator must retain the applicants information for at least 15 months and make it available to the FCC upon request. The FCC will issue public announcements listing the qualified organizations that have completed a pilot autogrant batch filing project and are authorized to serve as a Club Station Call Sign Administrator.

(c) No person shall obtain or attempt to obtain, or assist another person to obtain or attempt to obtain, an amateur service license grant by fraudulent means.

(d) One unique call sign will be shown on the license grant of each new primary, club and military recreation station. The call sign will be selected by the sequential call sign system.

Until April 15, 2000, there will be two basic directions for the soon-to-be amateur enthusist to follow to get licensed.  You can obtain either a Novice class license or a Technician "No-Code" class license.  The Novice class license allows you to earn your ticket by studying for and passing the a 35-question written multiple-choice test (what the FCC refers to as an "element").  You must also be able to translate Morse code at a rate of 5 words per minute.

But don't let Morse code scare you -  it's not for everybody, although I do recommend eventually boning up on your "dits" and "dahs" to at least pass the code test at a 5-wpm rate.  Many people are now taking the Technician No-Code exam, consisting of the Novice element 2 exam and a second test for "no-coders".  The Technician element 3A is 30-question multiple-choice examination.  Passing either license classification will allow you to transmit on many frequencies.  And eventually, you can pick up the remaining elements to earn your Technician Plus ticket, giving you huge frequency flexiblity.


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FCC Amateur Radio License Restructuring

On December 30, 1999, the Federal Communications Commision announced an upcoming change in the amateur license structure.  

Effective April 15, 2000, the Novice classification will be eliminated, along with the Technician Plus and Advanced license catagories.  The "beginner's" classification will simply be called the Technician class license.  You will only have to take one written exam, which will, for now, come from the pre-restructuring Novice and Technician question pools.  Morse code will not be required until the next class, called "General".  So just study this site like you would have before the structure changed.  Any updates in material content will be added if and when required.


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