WinMSDSP2000 by 9A4GL - July 2000 Release

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Many thanks to alpha tester team: W8WN, VE5UF, WB5APD, KO0U, W5HUQ, NJ0M, K0XP and N1BUG. Many features of the program came from them.

WinMSDSP 2000 is not freeware like the DOS version (look below for it). It comes as fully functional shareware and it works only for 15 minutes. Try it as shareware and if you are pleased with my program you can register it for 20 USD and have unlimited version. For details how to register look in the manual of WinMSDSP 2000.

To run WinMSDSP2000 you need Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 with support for DirectSound (a part of DirectX 5.0 or newer). As this manual is written, only Windows 95 and Windows 98 supports direct sound. It should work on 486 processors but a Pentium processor is recommended. 8MB of RAM minimum, but 32MB recommended. Also your sound card must be stereo and support 8bit sampling. In order to run full duplex your sound card must have support for full duplex. For other details and possible problems (and solutions) look in manual.

Download WinMSDSP 2000 (381KB-July 01-00 release)

View the WinMSDSP 2000 manual

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