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Roland Bousquet, Central Virginia KD4SAI Technician Class, 29 Years Old, Married with one daughter 2-years old and happy.

Hamshack Upload Number 2

kv2pr's Hamshack Photo Upload

LA4YT's Grandson At His Ham-Shack

w3axx ham radio operator at his hamshack Upload Number 5

k4ja's towers for his hamshack
Click to see larger view of ham fest antenna being erected taken in Woodbridge Virginia Click to see larger view of ham fest antennas taken in Woodbridge Virginia Click to see larger view of aa2pr's Hamshack
VK2UW and VK2HKW's Hamshack Photo. CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW VK2UW and VK2HKW's Yagi Antenna Click to see larger view. Roland Bousquet KD4SAI Geared up and ready Click for details....

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