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Information on Facility - Michelle (KD4YTU)
Greeting; Paul (KD4OZI)
Presentation: Bill (N2COP) -
 “What Makes ARES Important In North Carolina?” 
Bio Break

Presentation: Tom (KC4QRP) - MARS Update
Presentation: Tom (N4TAB)  - Who we are, Where we're going and How we'll get there
Presentation: Tom (N4TAB) If we can have wireless access (?), I'll provide a WebEOC demo
Hamfest Visited Western Branch - Paul (KD4OZI)
Words from our 5 DEC's
Meeting ended at 12:45 am


Here are some of Bill's (N2COP) Presentation slides.




Well first of all everything went well at the State Meeting.  Bill (N2COP) and Tom (N4TAB)
presentations went very well.  Lots and Lots of information.  A new record for State Level attendance
a total of 46 guy's and gal's attending.


Tom is going to make a few go boxes for different branches of North Carolina.  Western
Branch will be one of them.  Get out you packet gear and hook it up and get ready to go.
Windmore is doing change to the program to improve Windmore.  Tom (N4TAB) plans on
helping train our folks on Windmore.  One the training is complete the box will be passed
to the next county.  Probably Start with AREA-15.


D-Star is still being used but very expense for folks to buy.  They appear to be working
well and passing needed message very fast to all parts of the State.

Good update by Colonel Tom (KC4QRP) on MARS, Tom is heavy into Air force MARS
he said that MARS has a need for more MARS Operators.  If you were involved
in MARS in the past and gave it up, think about coming back and getting involved.  MARS
could really use YOUR help.



 is the



Thanks to Michelle for setting up the meeting place at the college.

If time allows I would like to hear what is going on in their County?


The fall state ARES meeting will be held on Saturday, October 30 from 9:00 am to 1:00pm in the Health Sciences Building at Western Piedmont Community College, 1001 Burkemont Ave., Morganton. The college is off exit 103 on I-40.
Parking is available in Parking Lot 1, near the Sam Ervin Library. Talk-in will be on the 147.150MHz repeater

Come and meet our newly Elected Section Manager (SM) William Morine, N2COP and our newly appointed Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Tom Brown, N4TAB,.  This is a follow up meeting from the State Meeting held in Raleigh.  This location has served the Western Branch well in past years have had a high number of ARES attendees.

Come. listen and ask questions.

After the meeting several location for Lunch are near and close by the College.  A Pizza Buffet restaurant and KY Fried down the street just past the interstate.  There's plenty of room so bring a friend or two, maybe three or four and join us!

Western Piedmont Community College: Information
1001 Burkemont Ave
Morganton, NC 28655-4511

How do I get there from here?

How to get there from IH -40

Map From Concord

Map From Hendersonville

Map From Hickory

Map From Raleigh

Thanks to Michelle (KD4YTU) for setting up this location.

Paul - KD4OZI