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EC    - Submit your monthly reports using the new Monthly EC/DEC report for NC
form format.  Please make sure that when you submit the form that you copy your
DEC and also copy myself (Paul - KD4OZI)
[email protected]

The reports needs to be submitted by the sixth day of each month.
Monthly EC/DEC report for NC

                                  State Meeting (Morganton) - October 2009
                                                         Same as
                                                 Objectives for 2009

                                    1} Increase Membership in ARES

                                    2} Fill Vacant Positions

                                    3} All ARES Personnel in ICS Courses

                                    4} Implement State-Wide Digital Communications

                                    5} Implement a Training Officer's Position

                                    6} Increase Activity in The Tarheel Emergency Net - Dave KE4JHJ

                                    7} Obtain a List of Relief Operators that
                                        Are Self Contained

One of the concerns that came up at the State Meeting was E.C. reports.  It appears that the State of North Carolina is really lacking in our number of monthly E.C. reports.  Bernie (WA4MOK) rolls up the reports and reports his findings to ARRL.  ARRL statically compared our reports to other states that submits E.C. reports.  We really need to focus not only on the top seven (7) items but also need to focus on our monthly E.C. reports.  Each E.C. is responsible for their monthly reports.  The new report format is on line and easy to use.

Here is the new form that is being used.|
Monthly EC/DEC report for NC



Paul - KD4OZI


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