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Detach and send to your EC (if known) or the ARRL, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111.

To All Radio Amateurs:

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a voluntary organization of licensed radio amateurs who have registered their capabilities

nd equipment for providing emergency communications as a public service to the community. The purpose of the ARES is to furnish

communications in the event of natural disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate. Sponsored by ARRL, the ARES

functions at the local level to meet local communications needs.


The ARES has a long history of public service going back to its formal inception in 1935. Since that time the ARES has responded countless

times to communications emergencies.  Experience has proven that radio amateurs respond more capably in time of emergency when

practice has been conducted in an organized group. There is no substitute for experience gained before the need arises.


The ARES in each locality operates under the direction of the Emergency Coordinator (EC), whose function is to direct the activities of the

ARES to maintain a state of readiness.  To register in the ARES, send the detachable Registration Form above directly to your EC, or to

ARRL Headquarters for forwarding to your EC. League membership is not required for registration. Registration does not require possession

of any specially designed equipment. All amateurs can be of assistance to the ARES. There is provision in the ARES for every amateur

regardless of class of license, equipment owned, or personal circumstances.


Won't you join us in providing this essential Amateur Radio service?

Richard Palm, K1CE Field Services Manager