Rebuilding a Banana Microphone

Using a Heil Sound HC-5 Element

Step 1: Stock Microphone Cartridge removed from Banana Microphone

Step 2: Foil removed from cartridge

Step 3: Element removed

Empty Cartridge Shell (front and rear)

New Heil HC-5 Element

Step 4: Element installed using foam from original packing

Step 5: Wires soldered in place

pieces for assembly of rebuilt cartridge

Step 6: Assemble with cloth side toward element.

Relieve cardboard on front to line up with Mic element opening

Assembled Cartridge

Step 7: Mount cartridge in handle

Step 8: Solder audio wire to inner solder lug

(Note: Outer lug is Ground - Grounded by mounting screw)


Completed Project

Mark II Knob Rebuild

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