Demcos from Command Electronics


Demco Satelite Deluxe

(early Super Satelite)

Shown above is the early Super Satelite, sometimes referred to as the "Satelite Deluxe". It has the hooded front cover and protruding lower panel where the Satelite had straight face treatment on both cover and panel. This set has the Receiver and Modulator / Speaker (above) and the Transmitter and External Speaker (below). This set looks almost new and is a good performer. It gets "taken around the block" at least once every 60 days.


Command Electronics and Demco Trivia Bit:

Demco consistently spelled Satellite with only one "l" as "Satelite".

Also Command Electronics put out a line of Linear Amplifiers bearing the "Demon" identifier; Demon 250, Demon 500, Mobile Demon 65 and possibly other models. On MOST of these amplifiers the coax connector for the jumper that would connect to the radio was labeled "IMPUT" instead of "INPUT". I guess you can judge in a Demon amplifier is early or late production by the way "INPUT" is spelled.


Demco Super Satelite

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