Some of the Harder to Find Browning Pieces


Mark 100 Linear Amplifier

Here is the Mark 100 Business Band Linear Amplifier. It was produced as an accessory to the BB-30 Business Band Transmitter that matched the Mark II profile and form factor. This one has moved on to a new home, where it received a facelift, bottom plate and new feet. It is often found in collections featuring the "5 Piece Eagle"; a setup consisting of Mark II Receiver, Mark II Transmitter (AM), SSB-15 Transmitter (SSB), XL-100 Transadaptor and either Mark 100 or Model One Eighty Amplifier.


SSB-15 SSB Transmitter and X-100 Transadaptor

Here are the two pieces needed to add SSB capabilities to a Mark II setup.

Model X-100 Transadaptor

A close-up on the Transadaptor, showing the selector switches for dual transmitters and dual antenna systems. It allowed for the selection of two different transmitters to use the same receiver and one of two antenna systems. The Mark II era gave 3 transmitter choices; AM, SSB-15 (SSB) or BB-30 (Business Band)


SSB-15 Transmitter

The addition of this piece brought SSB capabilities to the Mark II. There are 2 non-matching knobs on this example. The Mark II knobs have not been available for many years, and were prone to crack when the setscrew was over-tightened. I will be posting a pictorial of how to repair Mark II knobs using J.B. Weld, luck and patience in equal portions.


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