The United States Traffic Net
The United States Traffic Net operates 7 days a week.  USTNET is a Worked All States and awards type net.  You do not need to be a member to check in to The United States Traffic net.  View the net schedule on the The United States Traffic Net website at

The Rare Ones of New Orleans
The Rare Ones of New Orleans is a forty meter group of local guys that can be found on 7.275 MHz on most nights around 1900 CST right out of historic downtowwn New Orleans.  Check out their website at or better yet, tune in and say hello to Big John and the guys. Hey, they got some of them good old Cajun recipes on their website for you, too.  Make some contacts with the Rare Ones and earn your Rare Ones of New Orleans Associate membership.  "They all ask'd for you."

The Old Man International Sideband Society
Old Man #14497 at your service!  The Old Man International Sideband Society  is a forty meter net that can be found on 7.185 MHz at 0100 hrs UTC daily.  The Old Mans International Sideband Society is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who have been operating on the General Amateur bands since 1981.  Visit their web page at, chat with the guys, join the Net, and get yourself an "Old Man" number!  Membership in the Old Mans International Sideband Society is only TEN BUCKS for a lifetime membership!  You won't be disappointed.

The Treasure Coast Net
Loitering around the frequency of 7.153 MHz you'll find the Treasure Coast Net, a group of amateur radio operators from Canada to Florida's east coast meeting daily at 0800 hrs Eastern Time.   You can find out all about the Treasure Coast Net fellas on their website at  Stop in and join them on forty meters and say hello!

The RV Service Net
The RV Radio Network is an association of amateur radio operators who share an interest in Recreational Vehicles.  You'll find information about RV rallies, hamfests, radio nets, and other activities of interest on their website at  The RV Service Net can be found on 7.264 MHz at 1900 hrs Central Time Sunday through Friday.

The East Coast Amateur Radio Service Net
The East Coast Amateur Radio Service Net gathers daily on 7.255 MHz.  Weekday operations run from 0730 to 1400 hrs and weekend operations run from 0800 am to 1200 hrs, East Coast time.  Learn all about the East Coast Amateur Radio Service at their website at   The East Coast Amateur Radio Service Net also has a Swap and Shop net each Wednesday from 1100 to 1200 hrs. Membership is the  East Coast Amateur Radio Service Net is only a measly three bucks per year, or $30 for a lifetime membership!  I'm Member # 30849!

The Caribbean Amateur Radio Society Net
All the way from Jamaica, Mon!  I stumbled on this net one afternoon scrolling on the dial in the forty meter band.  My first contact from Jamaica was Errol (6Y5EH) in Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, Mon!  You'll likely find these guys on 7.195 MHz, 365 days a year.  The Caribbean Amateur Radio Society has check-ins from Canada to the Florida Keys and their website is here at

The Good Old Boys Net
Good Ole Boys Net is a is a nice bunch of folks that meet on the 40 meter band everyday except Sunday, at 1700 hrs Eastern Time.  All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to check in. Y'all stop by and check in and chew the rag with the Good Old Boys.

The Chit Chat Net
The Chit Chat Net was established to promote Ham Radio.  Join the Chit Chat Net on 7.207 MHz on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1000 hrs Eastern Time.  Learn more about the Chit Chat Amateur Radio Net at

The Tarheel Emergency Net
The Tarheel Emergency Net is a directed net and is the North Carolina High frequency Amateur Radio Emergency Services net. The purpose of the Tarheel Emergency Net is to provide communications during emergencies such as hurricanes. All radio amateurs are invited to participate in the Tar Heel Emergency Net nightly at 1730 hrs Eastern time on 20 meters.  The Tarheel Emergency Net operates mainly on 20 meters at 2.923 MHz.  Should that band be congested or drop out, the alternate frequency is 7.232 MHz on 40 meters. The 40 meter frequency is activated only when needed.  The ARRL Tarheel Emergency Net web page is here

The Waterway Net and Cruising Club
The Waterway Radio and Cruising Club Net is an association of amateur radio operators who also share an interest in recreational boating.  The Waterway Net begins daily at 0745 hrs Eastern Time on 7.268 MHz and runs for about an hour.  The main purpose of the Waterway Net is to encourage amateur radio communications to and from boats with an emphasis on safety and weather information.  Position reports help keep boats in touch with families and friends and the net provides a strong measure of safety for off-shore passage makers.  Check out the Waterway Net and Cruising Club webpage at

The National Traffic System Net (4th Region)
The ARRL National Traffic System uses radiograms to communicate information critical to saving lives or property, or to inquire about the health or welfare of a family member in a disaster area. The NTS fourth region net covers the Eastern states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, and the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  The net operates on the 40 meter band frequency 7.243 daily at 1345 hrs Eastern time.  Learn all about the National Traffic System network and how emergency communications are passed worldwide on the ARRL webpage at

The Triple H Net
The Triple H 40 Meter Net operates 364 days a year on a 7.190 MHz, starting at 0700 hrs UTC.  The first thirty minutes are dedicated to check-ins, with preference given to DX stations first and foremost.  The stateside check-ins are taken according to call districts that coincide with the day of the month. The Triple H 40 meter Amateur Radio Net website is

The OMIK Amateur Radio Net
The OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc. was founded in 1952 by black amateur radio operators from the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky to deal with discrimination prevalent in the culture at that time, and to assist black travelers with information on places where they could eat and lodge. Because membership in many other ham organizations was denied, a black ham organization, with its own nets and other activities, was clearly needed.  The OMIK net is active on 7.185 MHz from 1230 to 1400 hrs UTC.   Visit the OMIK website at

The Country Hams Net
The Country Hams Net is a 40 meter net operating on 7.225 MHz from 0900 to 1000 hrs Eastern time Monday thru Saturday.  Here you can talk about projects, chat with friends or just enjoy ham radio in general.  The Country Hams net is a round table style net that is open to all.  They group has no dues, no fees, and no member's a place where all are welcome and everyone from newbies to Elmers can participate.  The Country Hams Net webpage is   Visit the Country Hams and say hello.

The Hurricane Watch Net
The Hurricane Watch Net is a 40 meter amateur radio group of licensed amateur radio operators, trained and organized to provide essential communications support to the National Hurricane Center during times of Hurricane emergencies.  The mission of the Hurricane Watch Net is to disseminate hurricane advisory information along the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. and throughout the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.   The Hurricane Watch Net generally activates whenever a system has achieved hurricane status and is within 300 miles of populated landmass or at the request of the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center.  You will find The Hurricane Watch Net on the 20 meter band at 14.325 MHz by day and the 40 meter band at 7.268 MHz by night.  When required, they will use both frequencies simultaneously.  Learn more about the Hurricane Watch Net at

The Nighthawks Amateur Radio Net
The "NightHawks" operate nightly from approximately 1815 to 2100 hrs Eastern time on 7.255 MHz. Net operations share the same frequency with the Voice of America so the schedule may vary slightly depending on propagation and VOA's programming and schedule changes.  On Wednesday nights starting at 1930 hrs is the Swap and Shop edition of the Net hosted by WA3GIN, Dave Jordan.  Occasionally, Friday night becomes a technical discussion night when the  NightHawks  will have a special guest speaker who will provide a lecture on a Amateur Radio related topic of interest.  The Nighthawks have no formal organization, no officers, no constitution, no dues, only ham radio and the web site

The South Coast Amateur Radio Service Net
South CARS Member #
14136 here.  The South Coast Amateur Radio Service net (AKA "SCARS") is a 40 meter net operating on 7.251 MHZ seven days a week from 0800 to 1300 hrs Eastern time.  The net has been in operation since 1967 with the purpose to assist those seeking to contact other amateur radio stations, to provide weather and travel information, and to assist in emergencies when needed.  All amateur radio stations with a General class amateur radio license or above are welcome to check in.  Additionally, a Traders Net is conducted each Wednesday from 1000 to 1100 hrs Eastern time.  Check out the SCARS guys at their website

The Nuts Bolts and Screws Net
This group originally started out as just a few hams gathering together, helping other hams with antenna issues, audio, radio adjustments, etc.  With the help of some very experienced hams, the group grew and grew.  Now it's become a great place to meet for an hour mon-thurs at 0300 hrs Eastern time on frequency 7.185 to rag chew with some really nice guys and gals.  So don't be shy. The Nuts Bolts and Screws web page is

The North American Traffic and Awards Net
The North American Traffic and Awards Net is nightly on 7.185 MHz at 6 pm Eastern Time,  Pre-Net check-ins up to one hour in advance of net time.  The North American Traffic and Awards Net is not a “club net" ~ there are no memberships,  The North American Traffic and Awards Net has no rigid rules, they are an essy going bunch of amateur radio operators who just go with the flow. Check them out online at

The American Legion Amateur Radio Club Net
American Legion Post #275  from Glenarden, Maryland operates the  American Legion Amateur Radio Club net the second Saturday of each month on 7.275 MHz  from 1000 to 1200 hrs Eastern time,   The net is open to all licensed Radio Amateurs; you do not need to be a member of The American Legion to join in.   View to American Legion Amateur Radio Club net schedules at

The 3905 Century Net
The 3905 Century Club is an international amateur radio club founded in 1977.   The 3905 Century Club forty meter net operates daily at 7:00 pm Eastern time on 7.2675 MHz.  Check out their other nets on other bands at the 3905 Century Club website at

The International Morse Preservation Society (FISTS)
FISTS is a well established and recognized Morse Code organization founded in 1987 by Geo Longden (G3ZQS).  FISTS has a world-wide membership in the thousands.  Anyone interested in learning CW (Morse Code) and communicating with other hams via CW is welcome to become a member.   A love of Morse code and a concern for its perpetuation. is the only requirement for membership in FISTS.  I'm FIST # 21368.  For more information, the FISTS website is

The North American QRP Club
The North American QRP Club is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of promoting and sharing the building, designing, and operation of low power radios.  If you are interested in learning CW (Morse code) the fellas at NAQCC are glad to help you.  NAQCC is open to any amateur wanting to learn and explore CW, and there are no dues or membership fees. I'm member # 11129.  Check out the North American QRP Club at

The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)
The Straight Key Century Club claims to be the most active group of mechanical-key Morse code radiotelegraph operators in the world and was founded in 2006,  SKCC boasts thousands of members around the globe.  SKCC membership is for life, membership is for life ~ once a member, always a member. Stop by the SKCC website at and check them out.  I'm SKCC Member # 25298

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