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1929 station

1935 station
This site is currently being designed to reflect my ongoing reproduction vintage radio station.  The shack is going thru ongoing changes, and this site is my attempt to document changes in the station.

The station consists of actually 2 separate stations, one reproducing a typical amateur station circa 1929, the other, circa 1935.  Most of the gear is homebrew, using vintage components and using construction techniques appropriate for the era concerned.  The 1929 station gear is breadboarded, using wood chassis, the 1935 station is built on aluminum or steel, with some wood chassis construction.

It is my desire to keep this site updated to reflect the current condition of the 2 stations.

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REALTIME Propagation map centered on Washington DC

propagation map

REALTIME NVIS propagation map
NVIS chart

This site is currently under construction.  Check back often.

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