Kansas City DX Club
CW Pileup Competition Pictures
Dayton Crowne Plaza Hotel - 2002
(Lots of Photos to Load - please be patient.)

  Chief Inquisitor:
Mike, KD0FW.
  Board of Corrections -
In Session from 8-12 PM
L-R: Bill, K0VBU;
Larry, KW4A; Steve, W0MW; Tom, N0SS; Jimmy, KB0JNK; Carol, XYL-K0VBU.
  Session 1

Far Side L-R: Burt, W3GG;
Craig, KG7H; Lee, K0LW;
Near Side L-R: Bill, K0VBU; John, N3AM; Gary, W0TM.
  Session 2

Far Side L-R: Jeff, W2FU:
Mario, S56A;
Near Side L-R: Ed, KC0NIM; Vic, N2PP; Scott, W4PA.
  Session 3

Far Side L-R: Tom, AE9B;
Jeff, N0DY; Jack, N4JJ.
Near Side L-R: Bill, W0OF; Barry, W5GN; Neill, K4ESE.
  Session 4

Far Side L-R: Al, K3WGR;
Jack, W1WEF.
Near Side L-R: Tim, KU4J;
Heinz, NR0X.
  Session 5

Far Side L-R: Carl, N4PY; Nathan, N4YDU; Mike, K5NZ.
Near Side L-R: Eric, K9GY;
Jim, KO9A; Mike, K9NW.
  Session 6

Far Side L-R: Ken, K5KA;
John, N0IJ.
Near Side L-R: Jim, K9WA;
Ted, W1WFZ; Gator, N5RZ.
  Session 7

Far Side L-R: Carsten, DL6LAU; Ron, N0AT; Carl, K9LA.
Near Side L-R: Greg, K9IG; Brent, KC5FU; Ron, N5QQ.
  Session 8

Far Side L-R: Tim, N4GN;
Mike, KC7B; Robert, K5PI.
Near Side L-R: Steven, K4WA; Fred, G4BWP; Larry, K5OT.
  Session 9

Far Side L-R: Doug, K1DG; Doug, W9WI; Charlie, NF4A.
Near Side L-R: John, W2GD; Bob, N5NJ; Fred, K3ZO.
  Session 10

Far Side L-R: James, 9V1YC; Gordon, N3VJV; Gary, WB4DNL
Near Side L-R: Fred, W4DF;
Lali, VE3NE; Bill, KC4D.
  Session 11

Far Side L-R: Jeff, KU8E;
Al, KC5R; Yuri, VE3XB.
Near Side L-R: John, K1AR; Paul, W9PJ; Yuri, VE3DZ.

Session 12

Far Side L-R: John, N2NC;

Dave, KM3T
; Fred, K1VR.
Near Side L-R: George, K5KG; Nick, VA3NA; Mike, KH6ND.

  Session 13

Far Side L-R: Maury, W3EF; Bruce, K0BJ; Larry, K7LJ.
Near Side L-R: Dave, KW4DA; Jim, K1IR; Gerry, W1VE.
  Session 14

Far Side L-R: Jim, N0UR;
Roger, G3SXW; Paul, K0PA.
Near Side L-R: Don, W4OC;
Pat, N9RV; Gene, N2AA.
  Session 15

Far Side L-R: Bernie, W3UR; Chris, VE3FU; Dave, VE2ZP.
Near Side L-R: Ken, K5TSQ; David, NA2AA; Gus, VO1MP.
  Session 16

Far Side L-R: Don, K1IN;
Jon, NA9D; Nenad, VE3EXY; Bill, W5VX.
Near Side L-R: Jon, NA9D;
Rich, KD4DQN; Chris, K2CS.
  Session 17

Far Side L-R: John, G3WGV; Eric, K3NA; Alan, KI7WO.
Near Side L-R: Duane, KA0HAE; G.R., G4TSM.

Mike's (KD0FW) traditional Dayton Saturday Dinner - a Triple with Everything, plus fries!

Big Mike can multi-task: Administer the test sessions and consume mass quantities at the same time.

There's a lot of "gain" in that stacked array!

  Gene, N2AA and Yuri, VE3DZ - Still standing!
Congratulations to both, as usual, on great performances year after year!!

Thanks again to all the dedicated volunteers who make this event possible!

73, Bill K0VBU
(photos by Mike, KD0FW)


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