Weather Station History

West Okaw Valley near Sullivan, IL

9/12/06 - The Oregon Scientific WMR 968 WX station arrives.

9/13/06 - A test setup is installed at the wx station.  This consists of a barometer/indoor temperature sensor and outdoor temperature / humidity sensor.  The outdoor sensor is mounted above the roof of the KC9S ham shack.  The outdoor temperatures are highly exaggerated due to heat radiating off the roof.

9/14/06 - The anemometer is installed at 8' above the roofline.

9/19/06 - The outdoor temperature / humidity sensor is moved to its present location.  Accurate temperature readings can be measured from this date.

9/21/06 - The rain gauge is installed.  A test rainfall of 1.54" is recorded.

9/22/06 - The station is complete.  Accurate wx readings from 39.5997N latitude, 88.7094W longitude begin.  From this date forward, historical wx records are accurate.

11/28/2008 - A new Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station is installed.  This station provides more accurate weather information.

12/02/2008 - The new weather station is connected to the internet for the first time and begins relaying data to KC9S Weather Watch and