a full-featured psk31 program for win95/98/me/2000


KC9L PSK is a PSK31 program based on AE4JY’s PSKCore DLL.  It supports 5 RX channels, full duplex operation, and more.


See it in action!  Here’s a screenshot.


Want to try it out?  It’s available as 2 1.2 MB .zip files.  Download both, unzip in the same directory, and run SETUP.EXE.

File 1 of 2  |  File 2 of 2


Version History


5 August 2001

Version 0.9.1

What’s new:

To be added:

2 August 2001

Version 0.9.0

What’s new:

To be added:

My earlier RX-only program, KC9L PSKBar, can be downloaded here.