Welcome to my website  

Welcome to the website of Jordan, KC8TQH! There's not much here, but you can use the navigation bar, above, to look around. And now... My Life Story:

Well, it all started when I was born... << Fast Forward 10 years :-) >>

I first was introduced to Ham radio when I was around 10 years old at the Ham radio booth at the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Lisbon, OH. I became very interested in Ham radio and spent quite a bit of time hanging around the booth asking questions. I became some what of a pain, but I learned alot. Then, for a few years, I forgot about Ham radio for the most part.

Then, my grandma introduced me to Bud, K8DHD. When I first met him, he was sending and recieving Morse code (as I hear it, this is not unusual for him!). He showed me some of his gear and talked a little on the radio, then he told me to go buy a Ham radio book at Radio Shack and study. I got the book, studied for a while and Ham radio moved to the back burner while school work and activities took up most of my time.

Finally, Annie, KC8INL, Travis, KC8OJP, and Shawn, KC8PRI got me interested in Ham radio again.

I took the test for my Technician class Ham ticket on April 8th, 2002.