Ham Radio links I’ve found useful:


FM: The mode of choice for new techs!

W8MAP - Kudos to this guy! He made a map of all the open 2m repeaters in Ohio!

A very good repeater directory – Lists just about every repeater in the USA, and beyond.

Washington DC to Dayton, OH repeaters – If making any part of that trip, give these machines a try!

My handy repeater guide – lists repeaters along I-70 for trip from Columbus, back East to Steubenville. Made by yours truly.

The Target Repeater System - These folks have an awesome linked system, it goes all the way from western PA to Washington DC.

Ohio Amateur Repeater Council – Has a directory of all ohio repeaters. They are responsible for frequency coordination.

Calling Frequencies – Repeaters are fun, but it’s good to punch these into your radio too, if you are out of repeater range or want to call a station nearby.


Radio Clubs: Meet people and get to know the repeaters!

W8LT – The amateur radio club, here at OSU. We might be small, but darn it, we’re cool!

The Capital City Repeater Association – Has most of the repeaters in Columbus, OH. Also lists all of the 2m nets around town.

The Central Ohio Radio Club – They maintain the 146.760 machine. It has great coverage, and is home to the severe weather net.

The Steubenville-Weirton Amateur Radio Club – Located in my home town, they have a nice, friendly repeater.

Northern Hills ARC – Located in Pittsburgh. I use these to talk to people in ‘3’ land. I can hit these from Steubenville with my new beam antenna!

The Triangle Amateur Radio Club – Point the beam north from Steubenville to E. Liverpool and work some more repeaters!

Buckeye Belles – Ladies, there is a club for you, too!

COARES – Columbus Amateur Radio Emergency Service. If disaster strikes, these guys will be there. They also give license tests, which is how I got my ticket.


Nets: I like nets; it’s nice to have a conversation with a purpose.

Columbus area nets – from the CCRA’s web site.

Steubenville Area Nets – HF and 2 meters.

Central Ohio Traffic Net – Think e-mail is the only way to send free message? …Guess again!

OSSBN – The “big brother” to the Central Ohio Traffic Net! Get your messages out on HF!

Severe weather net –Tune in when foul weather is brewing for the latest info, and check in if you spot a funnel cloud!!


News and Information: What’s up on the air?

QRZ – Look up callsigns, and check today’s ham radio news.

ARRL – The American Radio Relay League.

Eham.net – Kind of like QRZ, more articles, stories, tech knowledge base.

Ham Radio Jargon – What did he say? Now my non-ham buddies will understand me when I use a q-signal


Testing: Looking to upgrade or get licensed? Follow me!

Hamtest.com – great practice exams. Also has the question pool.

Morse code practice – Listen to the code. Type in words, and it will play them in Morse!


Buying stuff: You need gear to be a HAM, if you can’t build it, buy it!

Universal Radio – Temptation Island for hams. If you hear a Columbus ham say “The candy store” He means this place. Go to the showroom and find out why!

Ham Radio Outlet – More mail order fun!

Hosfelt Electronics – Parts, parts, parts. A good place to start your project.


Web-Connected Receivers: If your QTH sucks for radio reception, fear not! You too can DX, thanks to these folks!

N2JEU’s Web controlled receivers – listen to your choice of two fine radios.

The Listening Post – Listen to V/UHF activity in the D.C. area.

The Listening Post, shortwave – I think this was the first web controlled receiver on the net, and certainly one of the best!


Ham radio in space: You’re not limited to the ground here.

Amsat – Check out the array of amateur radio satellites circling above your head!

J-Pass – Now find out where they are, so you can point your beam at them and try your luck at an out of this world QSO!

ARISS – Amateur Radio on The International Space Station! Yes, they’ve got a rig on there too.


Amateur TV: If you want to see who you’re talking to, try this out!

ATCO – Columbus, OH group of Amateur Television enthusiasts, you can monitor their repeater if you connect your TV to a UHF antenna and tune to cable channel 58! They have a weekly net on Tuesday nights, and have severe weather info. They also rebroadcast NASA TV every now and then.


Digital Modes: Why not connect the PC to the Radio?

Packetradio.com – Gives news and information to the packet radio newcomer.

Ohio Aprs – APRS is what happens when you connect a ham transceiver to a GPS unit. You can track stations all over the country.

Slow Scan TV – is a way of sending single picture frames over the radio! It’s a lot of fun. There is a slow scan net held the 1st Sunday of the month on the 145.490 repeater here in Columbus! Check this link out for a sample of SSTV pictures being received on HF right now!

Digital modes sound samples – Ever hear a signal and wasn’t sure what it was? This will help you identify it!

Sound Blaster ham radio software – Use that sound card to get into digital ham radio!

Macintosh Multimode – If you have a Mac, you too can get in on the action!



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