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  Robert D. (Bob) Olsen is the proud holder of amateur (ham) radio callsign KC8DNE. Bob is a resident of Flint, Michigan, in the United States of America.
SpacerHe currently serves as the Chairperson of the Genesee County (Michigan) Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Incorperated 's Board of Directors and as the Director of Special Projects. He holds the ARRL apointments of Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC), Official Emergency Station (OES) and Public Information Officer (PIO). In the 1990s Bob was a founding member and Webmaster of the Great Lakes Amateur Radio Rovers, serving as their "PR Weasel and Site Acquisition Mooch". 
  Listen to a greeting from KC8DNE. Download a Spoken Greeting( kc8dne.WAV, 16 bit PCM, 73k)
  You may send mail to KC8DNE at [email protected]
  Visit the American Radio Relay League site for information about amateur radio as both a hobby and a public service. 
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