KC7QHH's Amateur Radio

Hello and welcome to my amateur radio page. This page is hosted at Qsl.net, if you are a licensed amateur you can have your web page(s) hosted here also.
My call sign is KC7QHH and my name is Vance. Currently I'm an Advanced, although I wish to be an extra someday.
My teacher was WA7HAM, Lester Warriner, of Prosser, Washington.
My friend, Mark Zocher (Now KC7QHF)([email protected]) was also in this class with me.
I also like the linux operating sytem.  Visit Linux Online
I have also registered with the linux counter at http://counter.li.org. Here is my little certificate:
If you can't tell the Unvisted links are green, and the visted links are blue

If you wish to send mail to me send it to [email protected].

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A picture of my shack a crazy picture of a ham shack that I don't have
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