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The Amateur Radio Adventures of the Sailing Vessel "MORNING WINGS"


       The following pages give you an idea of what a post-retirement adventure can be.

       Some of our kids (we have six) say, "mom and dad have run away from home". The rest say, " go for it. It's good for your health and happiness". Obviously we have followed the dictates of the latter.

      After retirement we bought a boat, made sure it was sea-worthy, outfitted it with a ham station and set sail. We went down the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon, our home, until we reached the Pacific Ocean. Then we turned left and headed for Mexico. That trip took us eighteen months and included many an exciting adventure. Then we sailed to Hawaii where we are now.

       What do we do now? We have decided to spend the next couple of years exploring the North Pacific. Mainly the Marshall islands and Micronesia. We will be visiting and helping missionaries we know and putting up our ham station at every rare island we encounter.

Follow us as we travel.



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