I was introduced to Ross by my son Chris, they met  in the same 'computer tech' class at school.  Besides computers, they both enjoyed playing Duke Nukem 3D together over our home network.  They soon had me and my daughter playing.  It was a 4-way frag fest,  a whole lot of fun.

    After a few visits Ross started asking questions about my radio gear.  He showed so much interest that I offered to become his Elmer and help him get licensed.

   I was so happy when he got his ticket.  He had me drive him to the Portland HRO, where he purchased his first rig, a Kenwood D7A.  Not bad for a first rig!

   Ross was a wizard with computers, at 17  he already had a well paying  job at a local  company as their network administrator.  Had he lived, after graduation he would have been the school districts computer technician and network administrator.  He also planned to attend college at nights.   

His was a life that would have gone far.  Leukemia and a brain tumor ended his life too soon.  

Ross Lemon Memorial (Death Match) Level 85K