Why pay through the nose, when you can get better software for free?


This program, when used with the Fire Cracker module, will automatically switch between all of your X10 cameras.(1.48meg)


This program replaces X10's unstable Fire Cracker program.  It uses very little desktop space, unlike X10's screen hog. (1.62meg)


When used with Kirlo Watcher, this program eliminates the need for X10's MultiView software.  This program is stable, unlike X10's.  This program also works with ANY web cam or video driver so you do not need to buy X10's over priced hardware interface. Screen display can be sized from tiny to full screen. (256kb)


This program replaces X10's Fuse software.  Automate everything in your home to the exact times and days you want.  I'm impressed with this one.   (3.67meg)    Author's Webpage

If you are aware of any better freeware packages for the Fire Cracker module, please let me know.


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