The KC7GSA/R2 Repeater is now ON AIR

"Power 64" is Now serving  Bullhead City, AZ, Laughlin, NV and also provides coverage into Golden Valley, AZ and Needles, CA.

The TCX-150-A Controller running the machine is a prototype from FREEMARS Heavy Industries. The machine has been upgraded from the TCX-100 Revision 2 controller. Before the 100, It was being actuated by the TCX-50-E repeater controller.

KC7GSA/R2 is owned and operated by the Freedom Net repeater organization. The Freedom Net is an open repeater system, Available for everybody's enjoyment.

Here are some control codes for use when you are on Power64.

Code Function
AB Current Date
ABC Current Time
ABCD Current Controller Configuration
*1 Hour ID
#1 User ID
*44 Freedom Net Information
#10-#41 #10 through #41 selects different courtesy tones.
*0[DTMF] Keypad test (*0 followed by DTMF string)


FREEDOM NET Information
Repeater Location Owner Email Frequency (MHz) PL Tone (Hz) 
KC7GSA/R2 Bullhead City Matt Krick [email protected] 146.640 - Rx:Carrier 
KC7GSA/RL1 To be announced Matt Krick [email protected] 146.040 Tx 147.240 Rx Carrier
N7FK Golden Valley Fred Krick [email protected] 448.400 -  123.0
KC7GRZ Laughlin Paul Krick 446.875 - 123.0

Freedom Net News:

01/22/2000:  We are porud to announce the new KC7GRZ repeater in Laughlin NV, It has 123.0Hz encode / decode, and Transmitts on 446.8750 MHz. It was rebuilt out of a restored ICOM RP-3010, We scraped the controller that came with the thing from the factory and tossed a NHRC-4 in its place.

10/22/1999:  N7FK/R Has been upgraded to the new controller, and it now uses a PL tone of 123.0Hz encode / decode.

09/10/1999:  We have added a PL Encoder to KC7GSA/R2 To help eliminate intermod problems when in the Bullhead City metropolis. It encodes on PL frequency 123.0 Hz.  The Receiver for /R2 is still carrier operated and you won't need to transmit any PL for access.

KC7GSA/R2 Repeater Hardware Information
Item Type/Model Information
Exciter/Power Amplifier GE MASTR-II Exec 40 W Output, 146.640MHz
Receiver Motorola Micor Sensitron Modified front-end for use in the 2m Band .29 uV Sensitivity, 146.040MHz
Pre-Amplifier Motorola Micor Modified for use in the 2m Band.  12dB Gain
Controller FREEMARS Heavy Industries 
Prototype, Upgrade from 100-R2, and 50-E
Power Supply Henry Radio 
20 Amp
Antenna Tx FREEMARS Heavy Industries, Skytron-2A 3 dB Gain
Antenna Rx Super Station Master 6.4 dB Gain
Filters 2 X 4" Dia cavity band-pass "Can". 1 Rx, 1 Tx. No Data Available
Computer  Frankinstien 486DX / 100MHz 

KC7GSA/RL1 Link Hardware Information
Item Type/Model Information
Exciter Santac ST-200 3.5 W Output, 146.040MHz
Receiver Kenwood TR-2600 1 uV Sensitivity, 147.240MHz
Pre Amplifier Motorola Micor Modified for use in the 2m Band.  12dB Gain
Controller CES RM-10 Added on DTMF Decoder, Voice ID, and Link Radio control logic
Power Supply Unknown +5, +8, +12, +24 output
Antenna Rx Ringo Ranger 2.4 dB Gain
Antenna Tx 4 Element Yagi No Data Available

N7FK Repeater Hardware Information
Item Type/Model Information
Exciter/Power Amplifier E.F. Johnson PPL-6060 17 W Output, 448.400MHz
Receiver E.F. Johnson PPL-6060  .35 uV Sensitivity, 443.400MHz
Link Radio Kenwood  TM-7850 Link to KC7GSA/R2
Controller NHRC-4, CES-5200 Auto patch No Data Avalible
Power Supply Astron 20 Amp
Antenna  Diamond G-6 4.4 dB Gain
Link Antenna 8 Element Yagi 9.2 dB Gain
Filters Pace 6 cavity duplexer Notch 96dB Deep

KC7GRZ Repeater Hardware Information
Item Type/Model Information
Exciter/Power Amplifier ICOM RP-3010 14 W Output, 446.875MHz
Receiver ICOM RP-3010  .30 uV Sensitivity, 441.875MHz
Link Radio Kenwood  TR-2600 Link to KC7GSA/R2
Controller NHRC-4 No Data Available
Power Supply Internal ICOM RP-3010 15 Amp
Antenna  ? No Data Available
Link Antenna  4 Element Yagi 5.2 dB Gain
Filters Unknown 6 cavity duplexer Notch 90dB Deep

NOTE: Image centered on Bullhead City / Laughlin Metropolis.

Click on the Image to go to FREEMARS Heavy Industries and learn more about the Freedom Net and our Prototype controller.