KC7GNM Ham Radio Station









My QTH is Hereford, Arizona.

I am retired from the US Army and currently working as a contractor on Fort Huachuca.

I have the following equipment:

ICOM IC-706MKIIG with Butternut Vertical HF antenna

AT-180 Antenna Tuner

Alinco DX-70 with MFJ Versa Tuner III

Kantronics KPC-3 Plus TNC for APRS

Kenwood TM-201B for APRS

Motorola Spectra for UHF and VHF

Yaesu VX-7R Handheld

Running Kubuntu Linux with XASTIR for APRS

I am a member of the Cochise Amateur Radio Association (CARA).


I am running an APRS internet gateway on Linux using XASTIR.  This is probably the best APRS program I have found and is superior to any other program I have tried.  My callsign KC7GNM is my home and KC7GNM-5 is my mobile.  Click on either callsign for a location from FindU.com

Pictures coming soon

Updated 17 May 2009




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