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Description: Metro station D.C.

Description: Christmas Tree

Description: Christmas Tree 2

Description: Front Page Cleveland Press

Description: Clouds above Yuma Az.

Description: Darren O.

Description: Jay and Darren

Description: Dave,Roody, Paul Before ZZtop show

Description: Desert Plants

Description: Desert Wildlife

Description: San Diego from zoo tram


Description: Echostar 5 during assembly
Description: egbu

Description: eglin cop car crunched

Description: Feb 2002

Description: Fire pit

Description: Roody @ 806

Description: fog 2002

Description: fog 2002 1

Description: fog 2002-2

Description: fubar cat

Description: hoover dam

Description: inside my house

Description: My favorite band JACKYL

Description: roody at JJ's Xmas 2001

Description: Roody at jj's2 xmas 2001


Description: jeff roody todd 1988

Description: joe and antenna

Description: john's 70'th birthday

Description: kennedy lake Tucson


Description: view from kitchen window
Description: kitty 16 years old