Heatsink Mod
Submitted by Terry

I have been concerned about the temperature of the heatsink (and associated IC voltage regulators) that are behind the internal speaker, on the upper (PLL) board.  I tried to use a very small +12V laptop cooling fan, but abandoned that idea when I found out how much RFI the little fan produced.  I decided to add some additional heatsinking by adding four heatsinks designed to be used on TO-220 devices.
I used the original mounting bolt and nut to hold an additional two heatskinks per IC—one between the IC and the stock heaksink, and another one on the other side of the heatsink.  I used heatsink compound to improve the thermal coupling between the various surfaces.  This resulted in a dramatic decrease in the heatsink and IC operating temperature.

I have worked in electronics for the last 30 years, 23 years of which was as a TV Engineer, and I have found that excess heat is the main cause of component failure.  Given the rough life my R2000 has experienced, I want to reduce the risks as far as practical.  The heatsinks cost me nothing as I salvaged them from several defunct PC power supplies.  It took about 20 minutes from start to finish to complete this modification.

The standard disclaimer applies: only attempt to do modifications that are within your skill level.  It would be a shame to ruin a working device.

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