Frequency Band Restoration Mod
Submitted by Terry

The R-2000 service manual says that the receiver comes in three variations.  First is the "stock" USA version that covers the 150 kHz ~ 30 MHz band.  Then there's the X type for Australia, New Zealand and the Asian/Pacific Rim countries (called the Oceanic in the owner's manual) that has the 150 kHz ~ 2 MHz band blocked.  Finally there's the W2 type (W is for all of Europe, so I guess W2 means German) that has the 26 MHz ~ 30 MHz band blocked.

This blocking is done in firmware and the "switches" are some extra diodes on the little circuit board that has the Clock1/Radio/Clock2/on/off function switch.  Page 79 of the owner's manual shows three diagrams for that section.  Two of the diagrams have extra diodes.  The service manual labels the extra diodes as D58 (W2 type receiver only) and D59 (X type receiver only).  The diodes that should ALWAYS be present on ALL receivers are D56, D57, and D63.  I suspect that you could snip one end of D58 and restore the missing frequencies on the W2 type receiver.  Likewise, snipping D59 will likely restore the missing frequencies on the X type receiver.  On page 20 of the service manual, D58 and D59 are shown to be along one edge of the circuit board, as shown here to the right.

The standard disclaimer applies: only attempt to do modifications that are within your skill level.  It would be a shame to ruin a perfectly good receiver.

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