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There is actually an overkill in the number of shortwave related email discussion groups.  I've listed below the major ones I've been able to find.  Most have 300 - 500+ members.  Some cover niche topics, while others are for general discussion.  They can greatly add to your knowledge and general enjoyment of the hobby:

R-2000 Email Discussion Group
This group was specifically started to gather users of the Kenwood R-2000 Communications Receiver and allow them a forum in which to discuss related issues.

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Kenwood Discussion Group
 An open forum of discussion concerning Kenwood Amateur Radios with an emphasis on VHF/UHF operations.

 Formed in response to unmoderated lists, this group promises healthy discussion where we can all have a pleasant place to talk about Kenwood Ham radio equipment and directly related news.   They give a wide latitude for differing opinions, but trolls will be moderated and inciteful, non-productive argument squashed.   Enjoy!

 Kenwood Commercial and Amateur Radio Discussions.  Everything Kenwood Welcome, Tech tips, Mods, General Use.  You have a Question or Comment that is Kenwood 2 Way,

 A place for the fans of Shortwave Radio to PEACEFULLY discuss shortwave, share ideas, and give and receive advice!   All are welcome and encouraged to participate,
Experts and Novices alike!

 A mailing list dedicated to shortwave radio listening.  Information, News, Schedules, Events, Radio reviews, Internet sites, Email, Publications, Lists, Shows, FAQs, Tips and Helps.  From 1.7-30 Mhz covering all aspects, such as Broadcast, Clandestine, Pirate, Utility, Military, Commercial, Govt, etc.

 Welcome to Shortwave Radio DX'ing!  This list & group is for those interested in DX'ing with SW radios and contests for SW Radio DX'ing.  Please feel free to post questions about DX'ing, radios, stations--including Pirate, and other things that would benefit DX'ing.

 A forum for the exchange of frequencies, logging information, equipment and general discussions from both shortwave and scanner enthusiasts interested in monitoring Commercial aviation on both the 108 - 130 Mhz Aero and 30 -50 Khz shortwave bands.  The focus is on Commercial aviation.  There are other fine mailing lists on Military (Milcom), Acars, and private aviation so it is not our intent to cover these topics.

 Discussion group for people who like to listen to and log shortwave radio stations from around the globe, here you can exchange frequencies and discuss the radios and receivers available for this interesting hobby.

Shortwave Radios
 A place to showcase, discuss, compare, brag about and show off your shortwave radio. Sony, Sangean, Radio Shack, Grundig, Palstar, etc...ALL welcome, none turned away! Feel free to upload your pictures, tell your stories, share your findings...Admit it....you LOVE your radio!

Radio Modifications is a group dedicated to the repair, maintenance and modification of radio related equipment.  The group's focus is mainly on Amateur related equipment, however all topics about the discussion of radio is welcome.  Discussing of illegal operating practices will not be allowed.  Only members are allowed to post messages.

 A casual shortwave and AM broadcast DXing forum, technical, theories, experiments, pirate, utility, frequencies, propagation or just about anything related to DX stations. All are welcome!!!

 A Shortwave Discussion Group for GRDXC Members from all over the Globe !

Pirate Radio
 This list will be for the shortwave enthusiast and or the pirate operator to discuss pirate radio including logs and announcements of when stations will be on the air.

Shortwave Listeners
 For people who listen to Shortwave radio to get together and tell each other about cool and interesting programs they have stumbled across or know about.

Shortwave Listening
Welcome to the fascinating world of SHORTWAVE LISTENING!!
If you're new to the hobby, don't be shy - post your questions!  If you were around when radio was invented, throw in your five cents (inflation)!  Interests here run from program listening to tropical band Dxing... from the high powered transmitters of the Voice of America/ BBC/ etc., to the lower powered Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp. or Andean and Indonesian regional broadcasters, as well as utility listening.

 This Group is for discussing any topics relevant to the exciting hobby of Shortwave Radio Listening.  All those interested in this exciting hobby are encouraged to join in!  We have information on updated schedules, circuits, radio reviews, and much more!  New entrants to the hobby are also most welcome.

 Getting bored with your shortwave radio?  Or did you just learn a new trick it can do?  Bring your ideas and questions here and share in this moderated forum, free of the clutter and garbage you will find elsewhere.

Newsgroups are different from email discussion groups in two ways.  One, you do not have to subscribe to post a message to their forum.  Two, messages are not automatically emailed to you.  Instead, you have to go to their web site to read their messages.  Essentially they are a bulletin board service.  I've listed below all the ones I could find related to shortwave DXing.

NOTE:  Even if your internet service does not support newsgroups, you can still access and post to them through the Google links below:

This newsgroup discusses all aspects of shortwave listening.  Discussions about the R-2000 receiver are welcome here.  Their searchable archives contain a wealth of information collected over the years.

Newsgroup for general discussion of amatuer radio.  Discussions about the R-2000 receiver are welcome here as well.  Don't forget to search their archives.

This newsgroup focuses more on the equipment aspects of radio DXing.  Discussions about the R-2000 are welcome here also.  Don't forget to check their archives.

Another group discussing all aspects of radio DXing.  R-2000 discussions are welcome here too.  Be sure to check their archives.

This is one place where you can find, buy, swap and sell radio gear.

Another place to find, buy, swap and sell radio gear

As the name implies, antenna issues can be discussed here.  Don't forget their archives.

Any other amateur radio issue not appropriate in the other forums may be discussed here.  As with the others, you may find what you are looking for in their archives.

An older newsgroup, no longer archived on Google, but still available for posting from some servers.

Another older related newsgroup, still being archived on Google.

An older newsgroup still active, and still being archived on Google.

Another older newsgroup, still active and still being archived on Google.

An older newsgroup, still active, and still being archived on Google.

As the title suggests, this is a newsgroup focused on UK scanning.  An older newsgroup, but still active and still being archived on Google.

Suggestions, comments, corrections or additions may be emailed here.