VC-10 VHF Converter
The optional VC-10 VHF converter is an insert that installs into the back of the R-2000 and allows the receiver to also receive frequencies 118 - 174 MHz.

YG-455C Crystal Filter
The YG-455C filter is designed to minimize interference during CW reception.  It has a 500 hz
(-6 dB) pass band width, with a center freq of 455.7 kHz.

AC Power Cable
USA and similar countries use part number: E30-1643-15
European countries use part number: E30-1645-05
Oceanian (Pacific Rim and Australia) countries use part number: E30-1647-05

DCK-1 DC Power Cable
The DCK-1 DC power cable kit allows the R-2000 to be operated from an external 12 volt DC power source such as a car battery, solar panel or gel cell.

Power Fuse
1.5 Amp, part number: F05-1521-05

Antenna Fuse
0.1 Amp, part number: F05-1013-05

Remote Connector
Seven pin connector allows the R-2000 to be used as a second receiver in conjunction with a transceiver.  The muting circuit in the R-2000 is activated when the transceiver transmits so as to inhibit reception.  Part number: E07-0751-05

SP-430 External Speaker

SP-41 Compact Mobile Speaker

SP-50B Mobile Speaker

HS-4 Headphones

HS-5 Deluxe Headphones
The HS-5 are designed for use with communications equipment.  These lightweight open-air type headphones remain comfortable during extended operation.

HS-6 Lightweight Headphones
The HS-6 are deluxe, very lightweight headphones designed for use with communications equipment.

HS-7 Headphones

AL-1/AL-2 Lightening & Static Protector/Surge Shunt

HC-10 Digital Clock
The HC-10 is a highly advanced world clock with dual display which can memorize 10 preset world major cities and 2 additional programmable regions.

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