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Local Information
Repeaters available in Ridgecrest, CA
Sierra Amateur Radio Club

General Information
Take ham exams on-line!
Open Amateur Repeaters online directory
Handy Shortwave Chart
Yahoo:Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory
Amateur radio info from NCSU

Online callbooks callsign server
QRZ callbook
Digital QSL cards on file at QRZ
International callsign prefixes

Look up a call at

Find LAT/LON and Grid Square on map
Convert street address to LAT/LON
Convert between LAT/LON and Grid Square
Maidenhead grid square maps
Northwestern American grid square map

Ham software for Macintosh
SatTrack for Mac OS X
Ham Radio India
Black Cat Systems
Dog Park Software

Ham software for PC, Mac, and others
Oakland University
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio

All Electronics Corp.
Amateur Electronic Supply (AES)
Anaheim Wire Products
Brigar Electronics
Communication Headquarters, Inc.
Down East Microwave Inc.
Electronic Rainbow Inc.
Fair Radio Sales
Gateway Electronics
Grove Enterprises
Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)
Kantronics / RF-Concepts
Kenwood North America
M2 Antenna Systems
Maha Communications
MFJ Enterprises
Pasternack Enterprises
Polaris Electronics Specialty Shop
Ramsey Electronics
The Raymond Sarrio Company
Resources Unlimited
SSB Electronic USA
Standard Radio
Surplus Sales of Nebraska

  Space and Satellites
Antennas for Satellite Operation
Real-time satellite tracking and prediction
Current amateur satellite info
Tracking and other tools
AMSAT Home Page
Visible satellite pass predictions (formerly GSOC)

More specific information
Emission Types Defined
Real-time propagation information
Coaxial Cable Data
FCC homepage

Amateur Radio Clubs and Organizations
Antelope Valley Amateur Radio Club
Barstow ARC
Citrus Belt ARC
Golden Triangle ARC
Boston Amateur Radio Club
Kern County Central Valley ARC Bakersfield CA
Lake Isabella Amateur Radio Assn. Lake Isabella CA
Santa Clarita ARC
Sierra Amateur Radio Club WA6YBN, Ridgecrest CA
Stanford Amateur Radio Club W6YX
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio

Internet Newsgroups

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