[IMAGE]KC6CCC installing 3480 link input from Santiago Pk. at 50' level.
[IMAGE]K6LJM up on outrigger at 93' installing 2gig rcvr.
[IMAGE]K6LJM installing 10gig input.
[IMAGE]KC6CCC working in rack.
[IMAGE]A look at tower the that Heaps Pk. system is on.
[IMAGE]Looking down at bldg. with KC6YVS in doorway.
[IMAGE]Shot of the SBMS contest site.
[IMAGE]Boom shot.
[IMAGE]2.4GHz input (front) & camera in background.
[IMAGE]Boom shot of 10GHz input (front) & 3.38GHz (back).
[IMAGE]Good shot of our camera with 2.4GHz ant. in forground.