Fun Stuff

Whats this?!? A "Fun Stuff" page on a ham radio site?!? Radio is serious business! No it's not! Amateur radio is all about fun. This page is for when your HT's battery dies, or if your voice gets tired from all that talking you've be doing, or if you're just plain looking for a change of pace. So look around and have fun! If you have and easter egg of your own send it to the webmaster at [email protected].

Alternative Phonetic Alphabets

For Cheese Lovers:
A = Asiago
B = Brie
C = Cheddar
D = Danablu
E = Edam
F = Feta
G = Gouda
H = Havarti
I = Iberico
J = Jarlsberg
K = Kaseri
L = Limburger
M = Mozzarella
N = Niolo
O = Orla
P = Pepper-Jack
Q = Quark
R = Ricotta
S = Serat
T = Toma
U = Ubriaco
V = Venaco
W = Waterloo
X = Xynotyro
Y = Yorkshire Blue
Z = Zamarano

Boredom Busters

Use these "tools" whenever propgation gets really bad, or your fingers have taken on the shape of the PTT switch on your microphone. Have fun!

Sound Files

Try using these files for your Windows event sounds. Right click on the file and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to your hard disk. (Perhaps we should add ...---... [SOS] for when Windows encounters an error. :) .)


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