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"Welcome to APRSHELP! A no-nonsense approach to providing you with the latest information on APRS software, hardware and products. I started this site after Dayton Hamvention 2000. There, I was at the APRS booth and the same questions about APRS kept coming up. It was clear that there was a need for information site about APRS on the Internet. A site where new and old users alike could come to and find answers to questions. I've taken that need and turned it into this site. I've taken it a step further than just FAQ's and included software, hardware and other resources. I hope this site will become as well know as APRS itself. I am dedicated to making this site the best APRS information and help site on the web. That is why I created APRSHELP. I want to help you get started. Welcome to my site!" - KC5JGV

27 Jan 2001 - The APRSHELP site is finally getting back on-line! Some of the links may not work just yet but will very soon! There is a lot of information that I want to add and it takes a lot of time! So, please bear with me and be sure to come back!


Welcome to APRSHELP! APRS™ is a trademark of Bob Bruninga

Ok, have you asked yourself these questions?    What is APRS?    What can I do with APRS?    How do I get started?    Where can I get the latest information about APRS?    What about software, hardware and other accessories?    Are you a new user?    Have you had a tough time finding answers?

If your just getting started in APRS or just trying to find out how to use this program, then you've come to the right place! Here you will find all the software, hardware and, I hope, all the answers you need to getting online with APRS. You will also find FAQ's and examples from many of the APRS users who want to share their information with you. And finally, you will find a list of folks that are willing to help you in your area and links to other great APRS sites.

I've setup several pages here for you to read and learn about APRS. Please follow through the first few pages as they tell you what APRS is; what APRS software is available; and shows you some of the most common hardware used in APRS. So, sit back, kick your shoes off, and have a cup of coffee while you explore this site. We have a lot of information for you to look at, and to help you decide how you want to use APRS. Good Luck!

What is APRS?     Click on this link to learn about APRS.
APRS Software Click on this link to find the software you need.
APRS Hardware Click here to see the common types of hardware used in APRS.
FAQ Click here for software help, FAQ and other useful information.
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