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Thanks for visiting 'the World of KC4WQ'.  Do you spend as much time on the air as you would like?  I know I certainly can't but I do try and make one contact a day, regardless.  It might be a quick DX QSO or a 30 minute SSB or PSK ragchew but I try to have every date represented in the log.  Why don't you try and join the MOCAD club?! You can't do it by just listening either.  Close the key or the PTT and call CQ.  You'de be amazed at how often the band is open but everybody's listening..... especially 10 or 6 meters. Membership is FREE and open to all license classes!  See you there, on the air.

   What does Amateur Radio need to do to survive and grow?  YOU need to train your replacement. Bring a friend or relative, a scout or neighbor kid into this exciting hobby we call ham radio.

Recent forays into RTTY, PSK and EME/MS, need KY on these modes see below for schedule info  If you'd like to schedule a QSO to help out email me at [email protected]

I dedicate this site to the fact that I survived to reach the ripe old age of 62 and counting.......
and a ham since 1979
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